WolfAlgo's key uses

Identify EASY Breakouts

WolfAlgo detects setups with a shift in momentum before major price moves allowing traders to enter positions early and maximise profit

Stay Consistent

WOLF ALGO boasts an impressive 80% overall winrate, allowing you to stay consistent and minimize losses during choppy days.

Increase Confidence

What holds many traders back are their emotions. WOLF ALGO solves your doubts and adds strong conviction to your trades.

What is WolfAlgo? How does it work?

WolfAlgo is an algorithmic trading indicator designed to predict big moves, market shifts, and increase traders confidence. WolfAlgo uses a combination of advanced metrics and proprietary algorithmic software to maximize accuracy and increase consistency.

  • Competetive Pricing

    There are many prooducts similar in nature to WolfAlgo but NONE compare to the value WolfAlgo brings to your trading arsenal for the price

  • Beginner Friendly,

    WolfAlgo is built with ease-of-use in mind, providing an easy setup and implementation into your daily trading, made for traders beginner to advanced.

  • Access to Premium Discord Channel

    While we provide free access to our Discord, your purchase of WolfAlgo comes with premium access to exclusive content and channels.

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*Disclaimer: WolfAlgo is NOT meant to be used as a signal to buy or sell securities, commodities, or other financial markets. WolfAlgo is a tool to increase confidence and assist traders. Read our FULL DISCLAIMER in the footer before purchase.*


What do I do after purchase?

As long as you provided your Tradingview username under "special order instructions" in your purchase, you will be granted access anywhere between a few minutes to up to 24 hours. The indicator will appear under the "Invite-only" category. If you haven't received access within this time. or failed to provide your Tradingview username, fill out a contact form as soon as possible

How do I use WolfAlgo

After making suure youu have access, go to our youtube channel for guides and strategies on how to implement WolfAlgo into your daily trading. You can also ask for help on Discord for more personalized assistance

What markets does WolfAlgo work on?

Users have found success in a variety of different markets using WoolfAlgo including securities, options, crypto, and futures. We recommend sticking to what you know best and using WolfAlgo to boost your trading

Does WolfAlgo repaint?

Nope. We strive to provide accurate and consistent signals with no repainting. When WolfAlgo creates a signal it is final.

Will WolfAlgo make me rich?

NO!!! WolfAlgo simply provides another tool for traders to help maximize profit and consistency. WolfAlgo does NOT provide financial advice. All trades using WolfAlgo is entirely at the traders discretion